Open Space Planning is a Continuous Need...

Do you notice how every time you turn around another woodlot or farm field is suddenly sprouting houses? Planning for the continued existence of the open spaces and trails that give Hamilton its character is a continuing challenge.

Remember the public meetings and questionnaires a few years back about what you wanted Hamilton to be like in the future? A group of citizen volunteers (maybe you were one of them) made your answers into an Open Space and Recreation plan which was accepted by the Massachusetts Division of Conservation Services. This effort has been helping to guide town boards, and it paid off in a big way when it helped us to qualify for state funds to protect Gordon Woods.

Open Space and Recreation Plans offically last for five years so ours is due to be updated for 2002. More discussions, more maps, more writing! We need your help. Call the Conservation Commission if you'd like to be involved. You can participate at any level, from simply speaking up at a public meeting (see the newspapers and this space for dates) or sending us a letter at town hall with your thoughts, to actively taking part in the research and writing team. We had about a dozen active participants last time and we all got a lot out of it.

One topic we will surely all need to think and talk about is whether Hamilton wants to participate in the Community Preservation Act recently passed by the legislature. Start getting your ideas and arguments ready now.

1997 Hamilton Open Space and Recreation Plan

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