Hamilton Conservation Commission
Town Hall, Hamilton, Massachusetts 01936

Biodiversity Days in Hamilton

With the idea that the first step in protecting the environment is to know what is in it, Hamilton Conservation Commission is participating in Massachusetts Biodiversity Days. These events are to bring attention to a multiyear statewide project by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs to encourage the participation of interested amateurs in listing occurrences of as many species of nonmicroscopic plant and animal life as possible in all the towns of Massachusetts. There are not enough professionals to complete a project of this scope unaided, and it is hoped that the same kind of help that amateur birders have given to the field of ornithology can be brought to bear on a wider range of organisms. With interest and a willingness to observe, it is possible for people who are largely self-taught to make a contribution, while at the same time enjoying the outdoors.

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Some species to look for: natural history checklists for Hamilton


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